A seasonal one day yoga and coaching retreat to keep yourself on track with your goals, passion and intention.​​

For one day we are coming together.

We use the power of sharing, reflecting, mirroring and embodying. BEING in nature, BELONGING to a community, moving and reconnecting to our body and heart. BECOMING more aligned, focused, clear, and in ease. 

The intention is to create a space, where you can look at your life, measure your well-being, and identify areas that you would like to transform. We will provide you with effective tools and a powerful yoga practice that will support your process. 

You are needed, and you are here to shine!

Spring – Planting seeds: Saturday, 27th April,  09.30-17.30

What seeds (e.g. projects) do you want to plant?

Where do you want to put your focus? 

What do you want less of in your life?

What is your direction? are you on your path?

Summer – Celebrating: Sunday, July 14th, 09.30-17.30


Autumn – Harvesting: Saturday, October 26th,  09.30-17.30

Price: 250 CHF incl. lunch

* Open to all interested people, whether you joined our retreats or not 🙂

* English? It is good if you understand English, but you can always answer in German!

* Financial issues? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Facilitators:

Shivani – Group facilitator, Yoga Teacher & Mantra singer

With ten years of experience teaching yoga and more than 20 years of experience guiding groups and retreats, Shivani offers a fresh, grounded and spacious space for you to connect with yourself and others.

Ruth – Coach, Medicine Guide & Vocal Sound Healing Facilitator

Ruth loves to create magical and safe spaces where everyone is seen and heard. Through her in-depth knowledge of ancient Medicine Wheels and modern coaching tools, she is a benevolent mirror and guide.
She also loves to play with singing, sounding and inspiring group exercises that bring oneness (or wholeness), fun and new wisdom.